Monday, June 4, 2007

Sweet Princess H

I very rarely get the chance to do anything alone with just one of the kids. When I do, it is usually with Super Z. He is the one that is old enough to WANT to do everything all of the time. Well Saturday, I got to spend some time with just the girl, and I have got to say it was amazing.
First of all, all kids ( who have siblings) seem to behave better when they are alone. It is the novelty of getting ALL of the attention, I think. Plus, there is no one to fight with. But she is just so nice and calm. Super Z (who was an only child until he was 3, so has had way more one on one time ) has never been calm in his life. Princess H sat happily in the stroller, ate neatly in her high chair, and hummed as she was pushed along in a buggy. All of this, even while she was missing her nap time. She is just so freaking nice to go out with. Plus she has the cutest smile. I look forward to many more shopping trips with my daughter in the years to come, may they all be so enjoyable.

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